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Chimney Repairs

We don’t just clean chimneys. We also offer extensive chimney repairs to tackle a range of structural issues you may encounter. Whether you come to us with a specific concern, or we identify a potential issue while sweeping your chimney, we will be able to deliver a comprehensive repair service as required. Get in touch today to find out more.

Full Chimney Repair Service

We can tackle a full range of chimney repairs to help maintain the structural integrity of your stack and keep your stove or fireplace functioning properly. Our repair and maintenance services include:

Pot & Cowl Replacement

Pots and cowls are among the most common chimney components to get damaged. The pot is the bit of the chimney that extends beyond the main stack, traditionally made from clay. A cowl covers the opening and helps keep rainwater, wildlife and debris out of your chimney.

If either or both of these components has been damaged, for example during a storm, we can replace them for you. We use high-quality products designed to last the test of time.

Structural Advice for Builders

With over 15 years of chimney sweeping experience under our belts, we know a thing or two about the design and structure of a wide range of chimney types. As a result, we can offer expert structural advice to builders, roofers and other tradespeople when it comes to repairing and maintaining chimney stacks.

If you’re a tradesperson who could benefit from a consultation, or a homeowner with concerns about the condition of your chimney, get in touch. We’ll be happy to offer you our expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look out for black stains, moss or vegetation on the exterior of your chimney. You may also notice missing or crumbling mortar between the bricks.

Fitting a chimney cowl is highly recommended as it will protect the inside of your flue from the elements and keep out birds and other unwanted visitors.

We will carry out a detailed visual inspection of the exterior of your chimney, and we can also use CCTV technology to inspect the inside of the flue.

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